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    Restore Healing Balm Trio

    Restore Healing Balm Trio

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    The miracle balm you never want to be without is now available in a convenient trio. Heal cuts, burns, irritated, injured or very dry skin using only effective yet gentle ingredients. Works wonders on eczema, too.


    (3) Restore Healing Balm | 0.5 oz

    • Effective

    • Safe &

    • Dermatologist Created

    • Plant-based

    • Vegan &

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    Tried & True

    • Miracle Balm

      "This is a miracle balm!!!"

    • Soothes Eczema

      "The Restore Healing Balm has been wonderfully soothing for my cracked hands and cuticles as well as my eczema."

    • Quick Healing

      "I burned myself taking dinner out of the oven a few months back and used the Healing Balm. I’ve never seen anything heal so quickly and leave NO SCAR!"

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