"The skin is the most fragile when injured; it absorbs more chemicals and is more susceptible to irritation or allergic reaction. After a decade of unsuccessfully searching for a post-procedure ointment I could recommend to my patients, I decided to make one. Doctor Rogers RESTORE™ Healing Balm contains only the highest quality, carefully selected, plant-based ingredients that are both beneficial and safe for raw skin."

-Heather D. Rogers, MD


     RESTORE is manufactured in a FDA registered, ISO 22716 certified facility in the United States.  It is petroleum-free, hypoallergenic.  Each batch is tested to ensure consistent ingredient quality, composition and stability. RESTORE's outstanding results with this testing makes us confident in recommending it for the most damaged and fragile skin in addition to an everyday treat for lips, skin and nails.


    I love this stuff! Everyone in my family uses it for something different. If my son gets a scrape or any kind of injury, he reaches for the Restore. It truly heals things very quickly. 

    Thanks Dr. Rogers!

    —Megan H