I’ve always wanted a simple, natural alternative to antibiotic ointments, which have all kinds of stuff in them you don’t need, especially around a wound or compromised spot in the skin. RESTORE™ works, and it’s totally natural, petroleum-free and allergen-free.

Dr. Paul Frank, NYC Celebrity Dermatologist via Goop

"It's a second skin during the healing process. Simple formula, almost impossible to have a reaction and not waxy stuff like Aquaphor. I could go on, but mostly I’m just very impressed and that doesn’t happen very often."


Paula Begoun, Founder of Paula's Choice, also known as "The Cosmetics Cop"

Our patients at CompleteSkinMD in New York City can’t get enough of Doctor Rogers RESTORE™. They use it on their surgical wounds, on every day cuts and scrapes, and on dry, irritated skin and lips. Using only the purest ingredients, RESTORE™ ointment helps restore the natural skin barrier and is well tolerated on all skin types. We are so proud of our colleague and dear friend for her innovation and commitment to the skin health of patients worldwide.

Dr. Liz Hale, NYC Dermatologist & CoFounder of CompleteSkinMD

When styling my clients, I recommend using RESTORE™ to set their eyebrows and keep their lips smooth during events. I also travel frequently and always have my jar of RESTORE™ in hand for all the wear and tear traveling does to my skin. It has been a true lifesaver. I now feel confident that my skin will look refreshed every time I step off a plane.

Sophia Banks, Celebrity Stylist & Fashion Designer

RESTORE™ is what I turn to for gentle yet effective healing for my patients, my family and myself. It’s natural and allergen-free making it the obvious option for inflamed or chapped skin. Personally, I could not make it through the dry winter months without it.

Dr. Julie Karen, NYC Dermatologist & CoFounder of CompleteSkinMD

I have been searching for a petroleum-free cream for a long time and finally found RESTORE™ when my girlfriend recommended it. It is fragrance-free so my husband loves it too, and while I use it to save my cuticles, keep my lips soft and eyebrows in place, my husband uses it as a daily moisturizer after shaving and to soothe his sunburn after too long in the Australian sun! It has fast became a regular part of our daily skin care routine.

Jessica K.

As a life-long eczema sufferer, I am on a constant journey to find fragrance and chemical-free products. Even the ones that say they are “free” of the major chemicals end up having mystery ingredients that make my skin angry. My happy skin reveals that RESTORE is truly “free” of evil, and to boot, it does not require a costly prescription! I am so thrilled with the results I am even using it on my kids who inherited my sensitive, dry skin and have been suffering alongside me. Here’s a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Rogers for making a product my whole family can benefit from.

Alison T.

Like many dermatologists, I have patients on isotretinoin (Accutane). Its most common side effect is chapped lips and many patients struggle with treating this condition to the point of stopping the medication. I now have all my isotretinoin patients use RESTORE™. I tell them to purchase the 0.5 oz jar and carry it with them everywhere. It lasts the whole treatment, easy and effective. My patients are loving it!

Dr. James Collyer, Dermatologist & CoFounder of Modern Dermatology

I have spent the last nine months in treatment for breast cancer and there is hardly a place on my body that I have not used Doctor Rogers RESTORE™ Healing Balm! The ointment helped stop and prevent nosebleeds during chemotherapy, it healed my chemo induced dry and cracked skin and I have used it on my post-surgery scars. I am currently using it between radiation treatments to help protect and heal my skin and it is working wonders. I cannot say enough good things about this product—it has provided me SO much relief during the various stages of my cancer recovery journey.

Alyson O.

On the rare occasion I do wear eye makeup, I apply Doctor Rogers RESTOREtm Healing Balm to the areas around my eyes after washing my face at the end of the day, and it heals the skin and soothes my irritated skin overnight! It has given me back the freedom to apply makeup and feel like my best self again. I don’t know what I would do without this ointment!

Wendy O.

I have been looking for a non-petroleum, all-natural, multi-purpose skin product for my driest skin issues, like rough heels and chapped lips. This is it!

Tara D.

This is an outstanding product. It’s my new go-to for any type of skin anomaly because every single time I’ve used it, it has proven itself!!

Jenny F.

This stuff is great. My son is three and has a lot of uses for it. The best part is my husband and I use it too. Money well spent.

Megan H.

Chapped lips have been a lifelong problem for me. Thanks to RESTORE™ a problem no more.

Dawn A.

Best thing out there for healing new tattoos.

Rob J.

Doctor Rogers, thank you so much for the face wash -- I freakin' LOVE it! My face feels so fresh and nice. 

Laura P

I find myself very sensitive to smells in skin products and so I generally have just avoided face products. Finally, I have found a face wash I can use and it doesn’t bother me. I have been using it every morning and have been very satisfied with the results. Highly recommend.


I’ve tried many face washes in the past and most either dry me out or I don’t feel like they clean my skin. I have to say I’m loving this product after using it a few weeks. It feels great (so smooth!), is non-drying and I feel like my skin gets clean. The ingredients are simple and the price is great!

James C.

I used the RESTORE Face Wash after playing roller derby for 2 hours. It was the first time I have not had to wash twice to get the smell from all my protective gear off of my skin. Plus, I did not feel like my skin was dry after. It also took all the over the top make up and glitter off in one try nor did I have to use make up remover first.

Casey C.