I love this product! You can tell it's made by a professional who knows skin, a dermatologist. I suffer from dry and sensitive skin, so can't use a lot of products. I can however use and it's working wonders on my dry skin. Highly recommend!

—Douglas R

Testing for Efficacy, Quality and Safety

RESTORE® Healing Balm has undergone extensive testing and its outstanding results allows Dr. Rogers to be confident in recommending it for the most damaged and fragile skin in addition to an everyday treat for lips, skin and nails.


After having C02 lasering of the face, study patients used RESTORE Healing Balm on half their face and Aquaphor Healing Ointment on half their face. Nine out of 10 patients preferred RESTORE Healing Balm to Aquaphor Healing ointment. Physicians reported redness, swelling and crusting healed better or the same on the RESTORE Healing Balm side in all patients.


Third party lab inoculated RESTORE Healing balm with multiple strands of bacteria and fungus to test if the formula will prevent their growth.

RESULT: Inhibited the growth of all tested bacteria and fungus.


Patches containing RESTORE Healing Balm were affixed to the backs of 50 human subjects for a 48-hour period, this process was then repeated 9 consecutive times and evaluated by trained laboratory personnel for any skin reactions.

RESULT: No allergic reaction identified.


Testing for uniform Appearance, Color, Odor, pH, Viscosity, Specific Gravity, Weight Loss, Packaging compatibility and any growth of yeast or bacteria in the product. 

RESULT: Product was stable at initial formulation and at 3 months under elevated temperature conditions (40°C) with no growth of yeast or bacteria.


Ingredient percentages are tested to verify consistency between batches of RESTORE healing balm. This is the same testing required by the FDA for drugs, both prescription or over-the-counter.


Conducted a 2-year Shelf Life/Stability Test under normal room temperature and humidity conditions with the product evaluated at 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.

RESULT: No separation, discoloration, scent and pH changes.

RESTORE® Healing Balm is manufactured in a FDA registered, ISO 22716 certified facility in the United States.  It is petroleum-free, plant-based and hypoallergenic.