Suncare Beyond Sunscreen: Enhance Your Sun Protection Routine

Suncare Beyond Sunscreen: Enhance Your Sun Protection Routine


While sunscreen is a crucial element to sun protection, there are additional measures you can take to safeguard your skin from harmful sun exposure. Here are a few of my favorite suncare products that complement sunscreen, providing you with comprehensive protection from the inside out.

Hats and Sunglasses:

Hats and sunglasses play a significant role in shielding your skin. Opt for hats that provide ample coverage for your face, neck, chest and ears, as these areas are often exposed to the sun's rays. Choose wide-brim over a baseball cap when you can. When it comes to sunglasses, choose polarized ones as they offer enhanced protection for the delicate skin around your eyes.

Wash-In Sun Protection for Clothes:

Incorporating sun protection into your clothing can offer an extra layer of defense. RIT SunGuard can be washed into your clothes at the beginning of summer. By treating your clothing with SunGuard, you can significantly increase their Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) and provide protection for up to 15 washes. UPF is a measurement used to determine the sun protection level provided by clothing. You can find SunGuard here.

Oral Supplements:

Did you know there are oral supplements available that can help protect your skin from the sun? These supplements should not replace sunscreen, but can be used in conjunction with it. The active ingredients in these supplements, polypodium leucotomos, works to enhance your body's natural defense against UV radiation. Some notable brands include Heliocare and ISDIN. Taking these supplements throughout the summer can help minimize the potential damage caused by sun exposure.

Vitamin C Serums:

Vitamin C serums offer numerous benefits for your skin, including protection against the sun's harmful rays. Before heading outside, apply a well-formulated vitamin C serum to your face, neck, chest, and the backs of your hands. This will provide an additional layer of defense against the sun's UV radiation. In case you spend a significant amount of time outdoors and suspect sun exposure, consider using a well-formulated vitamin C serum afterward to mitigate any potential damage. While not all antioxidants can achieve this, vitamin C is known for its ability to help repair sun-damaged skin. Check out a few of my favorites here

Incorporating these suncare products into your routine can enhance your sun protection efforts. By combining sunscreen with hats, sunglasses, wash-in sun protection for clothes, oral supplements, and vitamin C serums, you can enjoy a sun-safe summer while minimizing the potential damage caused by sun exposure.

Wishing you a sun-safe summer!

Heather D. Rogers, MD


Note: Heather D. Rogers, MD is not sponsored or financially compensated by any brands she recommends. Her recommendations are thoroughly researched, focusing on effectiveness and safety. She prioritizes your skin and health over external pressures or personal gains.

Disclaimer: Remember to consult with a dermatologist or healthcare professional for personalized skincare advice


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