One Minute Clinic: Biotin & Hairloss

One Minute Clinic: Biotin & Hairloss

Despite being popularly marketed as a supplement to promote hair growth, there is actually no scientific evidence proving biotin based supplements and shampoos help with hair growth. 

If you are looking for a supplement that is proven to promote hair growth, try one of the following instead. 

  • Minoxidil 
  • Viviscal
  • Nutrafol

To learn more, check out the video below. 



Heather D. Rogers, MD stands apart in a world dominated by financially motivated endorsements. Her recommendations are thoroughly researched, focusing on effectiveness and safety. She prioritizes your skin and health over external pressures or personal gains. Driven by the need for superior options, she created Doctor Rogers Skin Care. Dr. Rogers is a double board certified dermatologist with two decades of experience. She sees 100+ patients per week as a full-time procedural dermatologist and surgeon at her practice Modern Dermatology in Seattle.

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