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Do Makeup Wipes Cause Acne?

Common Questions Answered by Dr. Heather D. Rogers, Dermatologist and Founder of Doctor Rogers RESTORE Skin Care.

Do you think makeup wipes cause acne? 

No, makeup wipes are unlikely to cause acne but they can leave behind dirt and grime that can contribute to acne. And, particularly in sensitive skinned people, they can cause irritation that can cause swelling and inflammation and that can block pores.

Are makeup wipes an effective way to clean your face? If not, how should we be removing our makeup?

They are better than nothing if you have tough skin because they do remove build up. The question is what are they leaving on your skin and will that cause more trouble that they're worth? The residue left behind has alcohol, fragrance, solubilizes and surfactants. These ingredients can be drying and irritating to the skin. Further, just the rubbing of the skin with the wipe can be irritating.

What are some products you recommend for proper face cleansing?

If you can, wash your face with a facial cleanser and then rinse with water. This is always my first choice. If you love wipes and that is the only way you will clean your face, use the wipe to remove makeup and then wash with a gentle cleanser or at least rinse the wipe residue with water whenever possible.


If you have sensitive skin I recommend avoiding makeup wipes all together and instead remove your make up with an oil cleanser and follow with a gentler cleanser because most oil cleansers still have fragrance that lead to irritation if left on the skin.

Oil Cleansers

Gentle Cleansers

The only gentle cleanser I have found that still takes off makeup is mine, Doctor Rogers RESTORE Face Wash. It was made for the pickiest of my patients (it is plant-based, hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable with eco-friendly packaging and safe for the most sensitive skin) and yet still takes off your make up! Really, Amazing stuff.


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