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Travel Bottle

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Our travel bottles make any Doctor Rogers product the perfect travel companion! This bottle comes empty for you fill with your favorite products. Easy to reuse and recycle, you can finally travel with your beloved skin care without filling the world with more plastic.

You asked for it!

Doctor Rogers Travel Bottles makes it easy to take your favorite skin care products on the go. This travel container comes empty for you to fill with your must-have skin care products. Label the outside for easy identification. Once the bottle is empty, simply unscrew the cap from the wide opening, refill and reuse.

And when the time comes, you can easily recycle the #2 BPA-free plastic bottle (unlike silicone.)

  • Wide opening makes it easy to refill
  • Wash and reuse for years
  • Made with easy-to-recycle #2 BPA-free high density polyethylene plastic

Unscrew the cap, fill with your favorite skin care products, label the outside of the container for easy identification. When empty, rinse and repeat!