Having treated tens of thousands of patients with skin in every state of injury, from cuts, burns, rashes, eczema, surgeries, scars, post-lasering and so much more, Dr. Heather D. Rogers, has seen what works to heal the skin and what does not. Frustrated by the healing process being hindered by unnecessary and unwanted ingredients, she was compelled to make something that would only help. Help skin, help her patients and help the environment by using proven, effective, safe, sustainably-grown, plant-based ingredients in her healing balm.

Dr. Heather D Rogers, creator of Doctor Rogers RESTORE® attended Stanford University, University of Washington School of Medicine, and then Columbia University Medical Center for her dermatology residency and fellowships in Mohs micrographic surgery, surgical reconstruction, laser procedures and aesthetics. She lectures nationally, is well published and an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology Media Expert Team. Dr. Rogers has a large, thriving practice in Seattle, Modern Dermatology (MDinseattle.com).

Doctor Rogers believes in
  • Supporting our body’s ability to heal itself
  • The importance of being selective in the ingredients we use on our skin
  • Simplifying the process of caring for your skin
  • Helping people feel confident about the skincare choices they make for themselves and their families

RESTORE supports the skin to do what it is made to do, heal itself without unnecessary and unwanted ingredients that can slow the process, irritate the skin or accumulate in our bodies and our world.

—- Heather D. Rogers, MD