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The beauty industry wants you to buy its products. Dr. Rogers wants you to have radiant, resilient skin.  That's why she created Doctor Rogers RESTORE®️.  The RESTORE®️ skin care line uses only clinically proven, hypoallergenic, plant-based ingredients. Each product and ingredient serves a specific purpose: to restore and maintain healthy skin. There is no filler or fluff and there are no unnecessary steps - just the essentials that you and your loved ones can count on for healthy skin.

We are so confident that you will see a difference when using RESTORE®️ products that we want you to test them for FREE.  Then you, like our thousands of happy customers, can see how RESTORE®️ helps your skin look and feel its best. 

Customer reviews

“This has become our household staple. I originally purchased it to heal my dry hands but now we use it on cuts, burns, and dry feet. It’s the only product that has finally healed my cracked heels. I’ve also gotten my parents and best friend addicted to its magic. My dad says it’s the only product that has helped heal the psoriasis on his elbows. My best friend and mom use it daily for chapped lips. Basically, it’s a cure all and we absolutely can’t live without it.” - Yara A. 

“A wonderful new moisturizer! This is my second order of the RESTORE face cream and I really love it. I love the texture, and how it goes on. My face feels well moisturized and hydrated and it gives me peace of mind that the product uses just the essential ingredients, no extra chemicals and is environmentally conscious about the ingredients and packaging.” - Kiran A.

“This is one of my essential daily products. I started using this during my radiation treatment for breast cancer and it was the only thing that could smooth my skin....It’s a bit expensive but absolutely essential. Meanwhile, I’ve found additional uses such as applying to my eyelids at night and wound care. I recommended this to my 80 year old mother to use after she had several patches of skin removed and her dermatologist was amazed with the speed of her healing.” - Heidi B.

No more double cleanse!I was skeptical that this would get rid of all my makeup AND cleanse my skin but success! Even stubborn mascara is no problem. So happy to have found this face wash and simplify my routine.”  - Shannon