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“Undo Summer” Tips & Treatments

Despite a summer of stay at home orders or slathering yourself in SPF, you may still have managed to secure yourself some sun-induced wrinkling and brown spots.  Here, Dr. Heather D. Rogers, dermatologist, co-founder of Modern Dermatology in Seattle and founder & CEO of Doctor Rogers RESTORE® shares her tips on how to mitigate some of that damage.  

“Once school starts - even if it’s from home this year -  lasering goes into full effect at Modern Dermatology.  There is nothing better at cleaning up the summer fun on the face, neck and chest. Laser treatments are so popular that my patients typically book them a year out to ensure they can be treated before the holidays,” says Dr. Heather D. Rogers. 

The Dr. Rogers Signature

“What I am known for is my Enhanced Fractionated C02 lasering package which includes using the patients platelet rich plasma (PRP) and proven skin care and oral supplements to speed healing and improve outcomes.  I treat eyelid skin, face, necks and chest with this treatment protocol to stimulate significant production of new skin and collagen,” says Dr. Rogers. 

Clear and Brilliant by Solta

A great laser for beginners or for maintenance to treat brown and texture with minimal down time. It’s especially effective and safe for diffuse brown like melasma.  It requires 30 minutes of numbing prior to the treatment and after that you can expect a day of redness and a week of dryness and bronzing of the skin.  Personally, I try to have two of these done a year, one in October and one in March,” says Dr. Rogers.  

Intense Pulsed Light

“This is the treatment of choice for redness including broken blood vessels and rosacea.  It is also effective at treating brown spots such as sun spots and freckles. I do not recommend it for diffuse brown like melasma.  Post-treatment, expect a few days of swelling, redness and a coffee ground like peeling of brown spots.”

Fractional Resurfacing
For those wanting significant improvement of skin including brown spots, texture, pore size, laxity and wrinkles, I use fractionation resurfacing which requires more downtime with longer lasting results. These treatments require 1 hour of topical numbing and laughing gas (nitrous gas) There are 7 days of significant recovery and for the first four patients are red, crusty and very swollen.” 

“All these treatments require selective post treatment skin care to prevent unwanted reactions that can negatively impact the results of each treatment. This is why we only use Doctor Rogers RESTORE® skin care products on healing skin at Modern Dermatology,” 

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