How to Take Care of Body Skin

How to Take Care of Body Skin

Your body skin will not age as fast as your face, neck, or hands because it is not being exposed regularly to the number one cause of aging…..the sun! It’s great news that covered-up body skin does not need as much TLC on a daily basis. However, it still needs hydration and help promoting cell turnover, particularly for those entering their 30s. Additionally, any part of your body that gets as much sun as your face should be treated just like your face.

Body care is easy to pair with your bathing and bedtime routines. First and foremost, most Americans bathe too often and with water that’s too hot. They also use too much soap and scrub too much. Stop this! It is not good for your skin or the world. All these steps dry out your skin and strip away your natural oils.

Try this instead: shower once a day with a gentle wash such as Doctor Rogers Body Wash that will not dry out your skin or throw off your pH balance. Do not scrub and or use piping hot water. And remember to moisturize with a face-level body cream such as Doctor Rogers Body Cream when you get out.  

My Body Care Regimen

All the Doctor Rogers Body Collection products can be used to wash and hydrate your body as well as your face (even around the eyes!) Every time I shower, I follow up with my body skin care regimen. If I shave my legs with the creamy Body Wash, then I use the Body Cream afterwards. For days that I don’t shave, I use a treatment on my WHOLE body after I get out of the shower and dry off. I’ll use retinol or AHAs to help with texture, cell turnover, and maintain collagen. This step is followed by the Body Cream. I also keep a Doctor Rogers Body Cream and Restore Healing Balm on my bedside table and use them anywhere that feels dry before bed to maximum hydration and protection while I sleep.


These recommendations are not sponsored. They are the result of Dr. Heather D. Rogers, MD evidence-based research and extensive clinical experience. 

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