Derm 101: Body Products

Derm 101: Body Products

Ingredients from personal care and beauty products are detected in our blood, urine, and breast milk, as well as surface water. We do not know what this means for our long-term health, but it does raise questions. This is why body products need to be the most selective in the ingredients used. After all, body products are the ones we use the most of—they are the ones we cover our bodies with and wash down the drain in the largest quantities.

Yet, the beauty industry tells us to spend the most money on our face products and even more on our eye products. Body products are often less expensive than face products, which are even less expensive than eye products, even though the size of the products are reversed. To make large quantities of body products at lower prices means most companies use the cheapest and often the least sustainable ingredients to keep costs down.

After years of not being able to find body products I wanted to use on myself—those with only safe, effective, and sustainable ingredients—I decided to make them. Enter Doctor Rogers Body Cream and Body Wash! Each product contains only 20 (or fewer!) high-quality ingredients that are well-studied, effective, and safe. Equally important, every ingredient biodegrades to ensure that they do not accumulate in your body or our world.

I now understand why more companies don’t do this. It was a very difficult, expensive, and time-consuming product. It took 3 years and over 50 versions to create products that are cosmetically elegant, effective, and safe. But we got here and the results are so worth the wait. In fact, many of my patients use the Body Wash and Body Cream for their face—they’re just that good.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out at or on Instagram at Here’s to taking good care of ourselves!


Meet the author: Board-certified and practicing dermatologist, Dr. Heather D. Rogers, MD, is the founder of Doctor Rogers Skin Care and Modern Dermatology in Seattle, Washington. She studied at Stanford, University of Washington School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center. She lectures nationally, is well published, and an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology. Highly respected among the skin care community, Dr. Rogers has been annually named “Top 1% of Most Honored Doctors in the US” by Castle Connolly. 


When it comes to creating the best skin care, we always choose the more sustainable path. We strive to maximize our customers’ results while minimizing our impact on the world. We only use vegan, cruelty-free ingredients that biodegrade. Our packaging is designed to minimize waste and maximize recyclability. We are proud partners of 1% For the Planet, supporting 5 Gyres Institute to help fight against climate change and plastic pollution.
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